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... is an independent platform of experts, highly experienced in European, national, regional and local policy development with a territorial dimension.

... aim to support on-going policy development processes by presenting arguments, evidence, ideas, options and recommendations to policy makers.

... are convinced from experience that a clear territorial dimension in policy conception and in programme strategies and implementation releases new innovative and cooperative dynamism which should be captured and used positively to achieve European policy objectives.


The idea is to bring together the experience and insights to focus on important and relevant matters, and present rational and sharp arguments for a stronger territorial dimension of European policy-making. / read more

Territorial Briefings

Territorial Briefings are short papers by the territorial thinkers with reflections to stimulate further debate. The Briefings address in greater depth the territorial dimension of  an important issue to support on-going policy development processes.


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Territorial Blog - KREMER

The Territorial Blog - KREMER is a platform where proponents of  territorial thinking and a territorial approach to European and  transnational policy development can express their personal territorial thoughts on a selected subject into a wider debate.


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Territorial Briefing No 7


COVID-19 pandemic: a lever for a more sustainable and resilient EU territory?


by Peter Mehlbye and Peter Schön


Irrespective of medical and pharmaceutical successes the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be with us for quite a while, and it needs ongoing political and societal answers to cope with it. The COVID-19 pandemic has differentiated territorial impacts and affects cities, towns and countryside and their inhabitants in different ways; the political answers to shape post-COVID Europe have to take this territorial differentiation into account.

The first six months of living with the SARS-CoV-2 virus spawned a large number of real experiments in society, economy, and politics, some of which will remain and bring forward further societal innovation. The key overall priority for forward-looking policies should be a more balanced, resilient and polycentric EU territory.


Download the Territorial Thinkers' Briefing 2020:07.

KREMER - October 2020


Territorial dimnesion of Brexit



by Cliff Hague


Much has been written about Brexit. Surprisingly little has been written about it from a territorial perspective. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that planners in the UK have never really embraced the idea of territorial cohesion and development. Minds have been shackled by the centrally driven statutory planning system and its procedures.


Nor has Brexit attracted as much attention as might have been expected from territorial researchers across Europe. Following the referendum, there was no major European conference of territorial researchers to analyse what was certainly the most significant territorial event since the enlargement of the Union back in 2004.


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