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... is an independent platform of experts, highly experienced in European, national, regional and local policy development with a territorial dimension.

... aim to support on-going policy development processes by presenting arguments, evidence, ideas, options and recommendations to policy makers.

... are convinced from experience that a clear territorial dimension in policy conception and in programme strategies and implementation releases new innovative and cooperative dynamism which should be captured and used positively to achieve European policy objectives.


The idea is to bring together the experience and insights to focus on important and relevant matters, and present rational and sharp arguments for a stronger territorial dimension of European policy-making. / read more

Territorial Briefings

Territorial Briefings are short papers by the territorial thinkers with reflections to stimulate further debate. The Briefings address in greater depth the territorial dimension of  an important issue to support on-going policy development processes.


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Territorial Blog - KREMER

The Territorial Blog - KREMER is a platform where proponents of  territorial thinking and a territorial approach to European and  transnational policy development can express their personal territorial thoughts on a selected subject into a wider debate.


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Territorial Briefing No 11


Territorial Cohesion: the new core of Cohesion Policy post-2027


by  Peter Mehlbye, Peter Schön, Derek Martin and Kai Böhme


The European Union is in the process of reflecting on Cohesion Policy after 2027. This reflection process is both positive and inevitable in order to be able to learn from experience and adapt Cohesion Policy to future challenges and policy ambitions.


There is a clear need to rethink and renew the concept of Cohesion Policy. The current approach has been used for decades (with some minor tweaks) and needs to be modernised to deliver efficient, cost effective and consistent policy interventions on the challenges and policy ambitions of today and tomorrow.


The paper argues for making territorial cohesion the core of future Cohesion Policy, its conceptualisation and implementation.


Download the Territorial Thinkers' Briefing 2023:11

KREMER - November 2021


The EU Long-term Vision for Rural Areas:


At last, a long-term territorial vision from the European Commission, but only for parts of the EU territory


by Peter Mehlbye, Kai Böhme, Derek Martin & Peter Schön


This summer, the European Commission initiated an EU Long-term Vision for Rural Areas. The process is borne by a cooperation between DG Regio and DG Agri and involves dialogue between the related institutions and political player. The long-term Vision for Rural Areas is a much welcome step forward and extremely useful for certain types of rural areas, probably in particular remote and less-developed ones. However, looking towards 2040, it would be of far greater value for the EU to see rural areas as an integral part of a more comprehensive long-term vision for the entire EU territory.


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